BarnesTech Services

Tim’s experience and skills has given him the knowledge necessary to deliver the services covering a wide range of your business’s needs.

Our services use technology to solve business problems

The unique interaction of Tim’s business and computer science education and experience allows him to serve as both the project manager and technical staffer for your business.

IT Consultant

Tim can analyze your complex IT needs and deliver a plan. He can present this plan to non-technical stakeholders.

Tim is currently the consultant for a multi-million dollar company in downtown Calgary and a national political party.

IT Administration

Tim can run your organization’s IT resources remotely. He can conduct in-person visits to repair, replace, or maintain your systems.

In addition to consulting on IT needs, our clients trust Tim to implement and maintain his solutions.

Website Development

Tim can build web solutions for your business needs. Tim has deployed complex websites using modern development philosophy.

Tim is familiar using WordPress and NationBuilder. He can extensively customize both. You can find his work here or here.

Candidate Websites

Tim can build a quick website to ensure your voters can interact with you. You can track support and get your vote out.

These are temporary in nature but you can find some of them archived here, here (as a contributor), and here.

Campaign Data

Tim can analyze incoming data from your campaign and determine the best areas to deploy scarce resources.

Tim has delivered landslides and victories against the odds. Knowledge is power and data is the power plant that generates it. Let Tim power your campaign.

Election Analyst

Tim can provide commentary on election trends and voter behaviour leaning on his decade of political operative experience.

Tim has appeared on major YouTube livestreams to provide his commentary. See his coverage here, here, here, and here.

Campaign Manager

Tim is capable of running the entirety of your campaign apparatus letting you focus on speaking with voters.

Tim has run federal election campaigns, national leadership races, and many nomination contests.

Public Policy Commentary

Tim has provided commentary on court decisions and their ramifications in the political sphere. Read some of his articles here.

Political Commentary

Tim can take political issues and deliver thorough analysis of positions. His ability to articulate complex issues and his understanding of voter behaviour can give you insights needed to make the best decisions. Read some of his articles here.

Services FAQs

What makes you different from other IT service providers?

Tim will not let his clients pay for an expensive office or pressure them into contracts that are difficult to get out of and are inflexible to your needs. Count on BarnesTech to serve your needs on your terms.

What information should I provide in initial contact?

Simply give enough information to let me know what services you are looking for, and the best way to contact you. Beyond that, feel free to give as little or as much information as you want. Tim is happy to sign NDAs as needed.

What Payment Method are supported?

BarnesTech accepts cash, cheque, e-transfer, payroll direct deposit, Mastercard, and Visa. You will find our flexible philosophy extends to payment arrangements, too.

How do I contact BarnesTech?

It is best to use our internal contact form using the “Contact” navigation button.

Trust BarnesTech and Tim with your technological needs

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