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MP & MLA elections1 in and around Calgary, AB

National or provincial campaigns & leadership contests

Small & medium businesses in Calgary, AB

USask 1L students at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

Common Rates*

Simple Website startup2: $300

Political Campaigns3: $1000/week

Monthly Retainer4: $500

Hourly Rate5: $75

* All prices do not include GST.

1 Tim primarily serves MP candidates representing the Maverick Party and MLA candidates representing the United Conservative Party of Alberta. Tim may be able to help you if you are not running for Maverick (eg. MP candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada) but only if Maverick is not running a candidate against you. Tim will not use voter lists obtained under previous work to benefit your campaign unless directed to do so by the owner of said lists. You own the individual data and voter contacts at the conclusion of the campaign, but Tim retains rights over his expert conclusions (eg. patterns, analysis, and predictions of the collective data as a whole).

2Simple websites strictly deliver information and are a maximum of 4 pages – usually for nomination contests. Does not include ongoing maintenance or updates but will include transferring control and source files to you or a volunteer.

3 This rate assumes working 6 days a week in a campaign decision-making capacity for a 100,000 population, single federal riding. Discuss your campaign and budget with Tim to work out a deal. Due to election laws, Tim must be compensated for IT and data work from your campaign because he derives his primary income from performing these tasks for other clients. He may be able to donate a portion of his compensation back to your campaign if affordability is a concern.

4 Monthly retainer is negotiated based on your business’ needs but generally speaking, the monthly retainer is a guaranteed 10 hours per month with overages being billed at $50/hr.

5 The hourly rate is used when none of the above applies. Discuss your budget and your needs with Tim and he can work something out.