I am Tim Barnes. USask law student, IT contractor, & election specialist

Tim is one of Alberta’s top election data analysts. He has worked over 20 political campaigns at all three levels of government since 2015. He has a proven track record of delivering the information needed to run a modern, data-focused campaign. His data-based predictions have proven to come true time and time again.

Tim has experience in campaign management and decision-making roles within corporate offices. As a certified IT Project Manager, Tim is capable of leading a team and making critical decisions under pressure. With his minor undergraduate degree in business and his current attendance in law school, Tim can deliver a technical presentation in terms that anyone can understand. He is capable of self-directed work relieving you of all the IT management headaches and letting you run your business.

He is a contract IT administrator and can handle all the IT needs of your small business. He currently serves as a contract IT administrator for a multi-million dollar startup in downtown Calgary and a contract IT director for a national political party. Tim has worked with companies in many different sectors providing websites, custom WordPress plugin programming, and hardware procurement. Tim primarily works with WordPress and NationBuilder websites, comfortable in custom design in either system, and fully customized PHP/Ajax web applications using Bootstrap frontend design.

In 2022, Tim won election to the Law Students’ Association representing the 1L, Section 1 students. In 2023, he ran unsuccessfully for the presidency. His ability to gather votes against impossible odds as a 1L student running for president made the race competitive.

Tim’s Links

Portfolio Websites:

https://rodwaysupply.ca -> WordPress full commerce site with custom shipping plugin to handle the massive freight costs of selling commercial appliances.

https://www.maverickparty.ca -> Built in NationBuilder using bootstrap framework including several advanced PHP functions while maintaining security.

https://barnestech.ca -> The website you are viewing right now.

Helpful Links:

USask Law class of 2025 -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/793224558724140

Lawst in Law -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqnGYOW9qm8E_cjcPotzC1Q

Tim’s US Presidential Election Analysis 2020 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3zQpi5SWa4

Tim’s US Midterm Election Analysis 2022 -> https://rumble.com/v1sos30-its-an-election-night-stream-guests-or-something-maybe-jokes-for-sure.html (2 hours, 30 minutes in)

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